Safari 3 for Windows

Odd Safari Fixed Safari

I read a lot of reviews about Safari’s Window version and most of them is not positive enough. Well it’s expected because the browser is in its beta phase (or alpha maybe). I also encounter some odd problem with it even before exploring the full functions of it (even after patching to 3.01). From the above pictures, on the left is Safari’s fresh installation and on the right after I meddling with some settings (in geeky way to note it). What I do is changing one key property from font.plist files located on “c:\documents and settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari”. I change the font from arial key and the value is from linkin.ttf to arial.ttf. Well, to make it clearer, the browser didn’t detect my arial font by default and replacing it with one of many fonts that I already have on my system which happen to be linkin.ttf. I don’t know how this happen but what the hell…it’s beta anyway. But that doesn’t stop me from saying that Apple must work harder or else…Windows users will never turn their attention to Safari again. Just my two cents….

Source: Safari 3 Is An Half-baked Web Browser from Apple, Wait for a Patch