EURO 2008 Final Group Draw

It had been decided…the group for the EURO next year. It’s really interesting to know the group early, so that all the teams involved can make early preparations for the tournament that only second behind the FIFA’s World Cup in terms of prestige. It’s even easier for football fans worldwide to start making speculations. I really hope that the upcoming tournament will be as interesting as possible…something that personally I didn’t get for the EURO 2004. It’s not like I hate Greece (I respect them for their continuous effort to become previous champions nonetheless), it’s just their play style is somehow out of the ordinary to the norm of the competition. By referring to the next year’s group stage, I believe many fans would agree with me that group C is a group of death. Hey…I even wondering for a while after knowing the draw that maybe all the group C’s team would say “This is hell~~“. Personally, it’s hard for me to say (predict) for sure who had the chance to uplift the trophy this time. France, Italy, and Germany is among the big names in my mind right now to be a serious challenger but at this stage, names means nothing. Below is the final draw and looking forward for it next year~~ Continue reading


Fedora 8 “Werewolf”.


Yesterday mark another release day of one of my favorite Linux distro (Fedora); Fedora 8 codenamed Werewolf ( what a codename 😛 ). Among notable features in this release were:

  • Features a 2.6.23 based kernel.
  • GNOME 2.20
  • KDE 3.5.8 (KDE Live and regular DVD) while the KDE 4 (Beta) Development Environment is available in the repository.
  • The implementation of PulseAudio sound daemon.
  • Codec Buddy (a.k.a codeina).
  • A new look and feel (the “Infinity” desktop art is cool..changes color to reflect outdoor conditions).
  • Nodoka, a fresh new GNOME theme created specially for Fedora
  • Compiz Fusion installed by default.
  • Open-source Java integration through the IcedTea project.
  • Improved laptop support.
  • Remote virtualization management.
  • Improved network management
  • Many other improvements.

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Copa America 2007

Argentina’s Fan

Copa America had started yesterday. It will run from June 26 until July 15 at Venezuela. Although the tournament is not as big as World Cup or EURO, but for me, it’s still interesting to follow because one of my favourite teams play in it. Yes, the picture above prove it all and it’s obvious that I support Argentina. They will be in group C along with United States, Colombia, and Paraguay. First match is against United States (June 28), then Colombia (July 2), and ends the group stage phase with match against Paraguay (July 5). Personally, I’m confident they can go through to the knockout stage because all their main player like Lionel Messi, Riquelme, Crespo, & Tevez is available. My only concern is their arch enemy, Brazil. Although they enter the tournament without the likes of Ronaldinho, Kaka, and Ronaldo…I still personally think they’re a threat though.

Goodbye Thierry Henry

Goodbye Thierry Henry

As one of Arsenal fans, it’s pretty obvious that I feel really really sad with the news that Thierry Henry will go to FC Barcelona next season. It was reported the sum of the transfer is around £16 million. Well, it’s not like I hold any grudges against either Henry or Barcelona on the transfer decision, it’s just…a charismatic and talisman player like him leaving the club…suffice to say it “scar” something, but not in a hating way…more to the feel of deeply losing something very precious. Nevertheless, I wish all the best to Thierry Henry and I really hope no other influential player will leave the club in nearest time. First losing Veira and now Henry….~sigh~~