Job Carnival 2008

Today I had the chance to attend Job Carnival 2008 that been held at Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru. Well, for those who don’t know, it’s kinda a carnival that provide information related to job seeking, seminar, law awareness in working, walk-in interview, and many more. The event been held by the Ministry of Human Resources (Malaysia) in conjunctions with many private sector’s companies. As a job seeker myself, I attend the carnival to drop my CV in every booth that I went; even to the booth that only want to hire an engineer 😛 . Among the notable organization that participate (as I can remember) were Iskandar Reginal Development Authority, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn. Bhd., Sime Darby Bhd, and Jusco. Well, also attend some walk in interview after I had run out of resume to drop, but I don’t think they’ll pick me because I attend the interview of a Regional Manager position (lol). But, what’s done is done and just praying it will go well in the end. If you’re interested in knowing when the carnival will be held at your place, do check the official Ministry of Human Resources (Malaysia) site. Owh…at some point, I’m glad I attend the carnival, because I had the chance to see/stalk/flirt with many hot and beautiful chicks that also looking for a job (or offering one) 😛


Files Integrity Check

Okay, imagine a situation like this; you downloaded a files, in the end you notice that the file is corrupted and you have to redownload the files again. But there are certain scenarios that even though it’s corrupted, it’s still can be executed. For example video files. But due to the file corrupt problem, there are some glitches in the video. In some cases, it’s nice to know whether our downloaded files contains error or not as soon as possible. There are many ways or tools to use to check the files integrity. This kind of tools or techniques involved the usage of cryptographic hash functions (eg: SHA1, md5) and redundancy check functions (among others). Among the most popular method been used is Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

All right, we’ll look into a practical part and for that purpose I’ll use “[Shinsen-Subs]_Le_Chevalier_D’Eon_-_01_[6BD7BF33].avi” filename as an example. On a side notes, the example file is a video files (an anime to be exact) and as most fansubbers, they tend to include the CRC value at the end of their releases file name (the CRC value of that file is ‘6BD7BF33’). So basically, to check the file integrity, we will compute the CRC value of the file and compare it with the given CRC value. If it’s the same, safe to say that there are nothing wrong with the file and vice versa. For a little of howto demonstration, I will classify it into two different platform; Linux and Windows. Continue reading

Safari 3 for Windows

Odd Safari Fixed Safari

I read a lot of reviews about Safari’s Window version and most of them is not positive enough. Well it’s expected because the browser is in its beta phase (or alpha maybe). I also encounter some odd problem with it even before exploring the full functions of it (even after patching to 3.01). From the above pictures, on the left is Safari’s fresh installation and on the right after I meddling with some settings (in geeky way to note it). What I do is changing one key property from font.plist files located on “c:\documents and settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari”. I change the font from arial key and the value is from linkin.ttf to arial.ttf. Well, to make it clearer, the browser didn’t detect my arial font by default and replacing it with one of many fonts that I already have on my system which happen to be linkin.ttf. I don’t know how this happen but what the hell…it’s beta anyway. But that doesn’t stop me from saying that Apple must work harder or else…Windows users will never turn their attention to Safari again. Just my two cents….

Source: Safari 3 Is An Half-baked Web Browser from Apple, Wait for a Patch

End of The Year’s Post

It’s almost the end of the year and so many things happen all along the way especially a few weeks back. I presume most of you (Malaysian and any countries nearby) realize how our internet connection been impaired lately. Owh…this time the fault is not on our lovely local ISP (TmNut), it’s because the APCN2 Submarine Cable damaged during the earthquake that struck close to the city of Taichung, Taiwan. Other than that, the upcoming Hari Raya Aidiladha (which is tomorrow) and new year celebration will not be taken as good as usual because on some part of Malaysia, they faced an unusual flooding disaster. I’m quite remember during this time last year, it’s the northern region of Malaysia been affected by flood, but this time, mostly been affected is the southern region (Johor, Melaka, etc). Well, an unusual phenomenon that only struck once every hundred years (not my assumption of course…read it somewhere else). Luckily, my home at Johor is not been affected by this flooding problem, but I do sympathize with all the victims. Well, I’m really in despair about my internet connections but I do realize there are some other part in the world (or if I don’t need to go that far, I just substitute ‘world’ with ‘Malaysia’) that suffer more than me; flood and earthquake victims. I pray that all this difficulties can be overcome and people can start their usual life again in near time. Continue reading

WAMP; a journey revisited…

Before anything else, let me tell you a story; a story which begins about more than a years ago. I begin to know about server side scripting by learning Active Server Pages (ASP) and later been introduced to the php world by my mates, Crynobone. Although when I'm learning php, I'm still a little bit confused and mixed up between asp & php, I still manage to learn it by refering to codes example and ultimately depends on what I personally like to call as "Quick php Server Setup", the phpTriad. To put it simple, PHPTriad is a complete PHP development and server environment for Windows that automatically installs PHP, Apache, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin. It's quite convenient for noobs like me at that time but I admit, besides the php sintax, I know nothing about what I'm using (more to I don't really care actually). Be it the server or even the php engine itself, I don't know or care. So when people arounds me chattering about what's the version of php they're using or what's the version of the Apache server they're running on their box….I begin to wonder, I'm absolutely missing something here. So, I took the so called "DIY steps"; uninstall the PHPTriad and begin to install everything appropriate one-by-one. The results? Good, if I may say that and it had been a long time since the first time I setting up all that stuffs manually (Apache, php, mysql, & phpMyAdmin).

Continue reading