Samsung SyncMaster 931BW

Well..kinda don’t have anything good to share, so here’s another useless post; about my new monitor. Ermm…not so new really…it had been about 3 or 4 weeks I guess. My previous Philips 107E5 CRT had failed me after years of dedicated services. I do notice however, maybe it had a chance to be revived by sending it to the repair guy, but I skip that and gave it to my ex-housemate instead. Not that I feel I’m too rich or whatsoever; it’s just suffice to say that I didn’t think the monitor will last long enough after repair…the problem will keep on coming (you know…the “repair-broke again” cycles). After some thoughts and selling some of my internal organs (I don’t have a job yet~~~), I’ve decided to splash my little (and hard earned) cash on Samsung SyncMaster 931BW 19″ LCD monitor. Continue reading