Waiting List

In this nearest time, there are a couple of things that I’ve been waiting anxiously or maybe just eagerly. Sort of like waiting for my first child to be born. Ahahahahha…okay, that’s kind of excessive, sorry for that. Without further ado, I present to you the list itself:

  • Waiting for my interview appointment.

    I’ve already applying for some positions by sending my CV to the appropriate parties and already learn my lesson from 2 years ago (didn’t have the patient to wait for a reply); I’m now waiting with more patient than ever. At the same time, I do realize opportunities wait for no one, so I’m not taking anything for granted; I’m still finding another possible job opportunities without too reliant on the already made applications.

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My Current Status…(III)

It had been a very busy month for me. Maybe because in a few weeks from now, I’ll finish (graduate) my post-graduate studies. At time like this, it seems I’m much busier than a prime minister. Had to finish writing and checking my thesis, preparing for thesis defense, making presentation slides, and all at the same time maintaining my cluttered life (it’s kinda hard really…to manage so many things in one go). Due to that, I missed so many things/events happened around me; most notably many of my friends birthday (forgot to wish at the exact time; I really dislike to use ‘belated’ :-P), meeting/hanging with my friends during Eid, watching new movies at cinema, and spending most of my holiday with my parents. Aih…I do hope this pattern will end soon though… Continue reading